Who We Are

About US
Continental Passion for Africa is a non-governmental organization fully registered in Kenya government. Margaret is the co-founder of the organization since 2013 after retiring from British American Tobacco company (BAT) Kenya. Through her passion in volunteering to less fortunate she decided to start hosting volunteers from all over the world who came to volunteer in different projects which has been involved in.
Our Main objectives involved in volunteering activities are:-

  • childcare and development
  • healthcare and medical
  • sports, arts and music
  • teaching and education
  • building constructions and outdoor work
  • disabilities and special needs
  • community development
  • specialized placements
Mission Statement
Our mission is to encourage more and more people in the world to volunteer their knowledge, skills, and positive attitudes in deprived communities in support of peace and development.
Our vision is to see a world where diverse communities transcend differences by focusing on the love and light that connects us all.
What CPA values is action, ambition, hope, kindness, compassion, courage, vulnerability, generosity, education, with an emphasis on thoughtful contributions to the society.