During the volunteer period, most volunteers stay in our safe and secure Nairobi homestay.

Useful amenities within 2 km of the homestay include an internet café, restaurants, supermarkets, banks and hospitals.

We place our volunteers with carefully pre-screened host families. These are socially-respected families experienced in hosting international volunteers. They have strong interest in our volunteers’ safety and well-being and demonstrate this with caution and care.

In most host family situations, volunteers will share a room with another volunteer of the same gender or couples. Another option is an at-orphanage stay. Many orphanages in Kenya have set aside special rooms to house international volunteers. Volunteers who have stayed with a host family or at an orphanage describe an enriched experience.

Once you have applied for program placement, you will find the specific details of your accommodation in your personal placement documents for your project.

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Vegetarian, Accommodate Dietary Restrictions

Our local hosts are experienced at catering for volunteers and will be happy to assist with managing dietary requirements as best possible and dependent on the country and program. For example; vegetarians are generally able to choose from a range of suitable dishes whereas more restrictive requirements (such as allergies and intolerance to certain food groups) may need to be involved in the preparation of meals to ascertain which dishes are suitable and purchase additional food items to supplement their diet.

In all cases dietary requirements should be noted on the application form at the time of applying.

Additional stuff

  • Hot Water
  • Electricity
  • First Aid
  • Local SIM Card
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