Do-it-yourself projects

This is a kind of “Acts of kindness” where you will make a tremendous impact on someone else’s life. CPA will engage any individual volunteer to make an impact on projects, where they will identify a need and bring forth other stakeholders may be like; socially, faith-based (churches), or other organization. This will be effective and benefit from the meaningful and often life-changing experience of service. Our Vision is to see a world where diverse communities transcend differences by focusing on the love and light that connects us all.

Teaching Volunteer

Bring your knowledge and skills to eager kids by volunteering as an English language teacher. You will help to provide lessons to children in one of our local partner schools.

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photo of a volunteer caring for an orphan

Childcare & Orphanage Volunteer

Make a BIG difference to the lives of vulnerable children whom we support through various orphanages in Kenya. You will be providing assistance to overworked local staff and helping to give children and babies care and comfort.

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Medical | HIV/AIDS Care Volunteer

Exchange your vital medical work as a doctor or student for an enhanced understanding of what it is like to work in a demanding healthcare environment in Africa.

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Sports Coaching Volunteer

Would you fancy to volunteer on our sports coaching program in Kenya? You will engage in helping with sports education in a local school, and assisting a community team with training and coaching.

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