Sports form an integral part of local communities and teams often foster a sense of family and identity. Kenyans are sports mad, particularly for football (soccer), and many dreams of becoming the next star. Unfortunately, proper coaching is often lacking, but with little support, young people can not only develop their talents, but they can also gain a heightened sense of community.

What will you be doing?

As a volunteer on our Kenya sports program, you will engage in two primary activities: helping with sports education in a local school, and assisting a community team with training and coaching. Your role in the school will often concentrate on assisting a local teacher with sports and PE lessons, helping to engage the next generation in sport.

Your second role as a volunteer sports coach in Kenya will revolve around helping out a more experienced sports team. Many local football teams meet up for afternoon or evening sessions and are often desperate for a little coaching or help. Even if you are not a professional coach your willingness to get stuck in will be of great benefit, and training sessions are always great fun! Our work with these teams also has a more serious side. Many are composed of young men, often without jobs or the prospect of getting one. Working with these vulnerable groups is vital for keeping them motivated, and sport offers a fantastic structured environment, often creating a valuable sense of community identity.

How to get started

step 1
Click on the Apply Now button and fill out the required details.
Step 2
Get feedback from the Continental Passion for Africa Office in Nairobi Kenya.
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Make the payments as agreed upon with the contact from our Nairobi Office.
Step 4
Get ready to volunteer abroad, we’ll support you every step of the way!

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Duration Cost in USD($)
1 Week $ 590
2 Weeks $ 690
3 Weeks $ 790
4 Weeks $ 890


Duration Cost in USD($)
5 Weeks $ 990
6 Weeks $ 1090
7 Weeks $ 1190
8 Weeks $ 1290


Duration Cost in USD($)
9 Weeks $ 1365
10 Weeks $ 1415
11 Weeks $ 1465
3 Months $ 1515


Continental Passion for Africa facilitates educational safaris for those interested in sightseeing the country after or before the workcamp.

Volunteers who wish to participate should apply at least a week before arrival to enable us to make proper arrangements. The fee charged will be all-inclusive of meals, transport, entry to the park, accommodation and tour guiding.

  • Accommodation
  • Three meals a day, six days a week
  • Airport pick up and drop off
  • All CPA registration and administration
  • Orientation
  • Donation to local projects
  • Vaccinations
  • Flights
  • Drugs and Medication
  • Personal expense while in country
  • Visa fee
  • Any extra trips
  • Travel insurance
  • In-country transport