Programme Price Table

Programme fees are what enable CPA to deliver fantastic volunteering trips to Africa. These fees are used in a variety of ways, but most goes towards covering your costs. A portion is also used to fund our ongoing work in the country you volunteer in. We don’t charge a registration fee so you can be sure that the price you see below is the price you’ll pay.

1 week – US$ 590

2 weeks – US$ 690

3 weeks – US$ 790

4 weeks – US$ 890

5 weeks – US$ 990

6 weeks -US$ 1090

7 weeks -US$ 1190

8 weeks – US$ 1290

9 weeks -US$ 1365

10 weeks -US$ 1415

11 weeks- US$ 1465

3 months -US$ 1515

Programme Fees Explained

What’s Included in your Costs


Three meals a day, six days a week

Airport pick up and drop off

All CPA registration and administration


Donation to local projects

Nairobi City Tour

What is not Included

Spending money
Any extra trips

Optional Extras for Adventures

As well as providing fantastic volunteer programmes, CPA also offers a number of additional Adventures for our volunteers. These are often at considerably cheaper rates than you may find elsewhere. The rates depend on high season or low season.(see CPA Adventures page).