I first visited Ruai in 2006 and feel so fortunate to have stayed in a village with the Mundia family. My days were spent volunteering at nearby Motherly Childhood Care Orphanage, where I taught English and spent time playing with the children. Although the conditions and poverty were tough to see, the children's joy and dedication of the staff made me feel comfortable knowing that they were well taken care of. Other volunteers in the village worked at medical clinics and other non-profits.
Margaret and her family made me feel safe and at-home. There were always home-cooked meals and enjoyable conversations around the table. They were truly incredible hosts and helped us arrange travel on the weekends (including a great safari) and trips into Nairobi. I learned a great deal and was inspired by the work they do in their village and nearby communities. Her work extends far beyond the orphanage I volunteered at, and I enjoyed hearing about the other projects and causes she's involved in.
I've since been able to return for 2 very short visits to Ruai - in 2009 and in 2018. Both times my first call was to Margaret so that she could help me arrange a visit to the orphanage and coordinate donations of books, blankets, and food. She has also helped do the same for some of my friends who have been able to visit Kenya. It's an unfortunate reality in a lot of these countries that you don't really know who to trust...I can assure you that your experience with the Mundia family will alleviate any concerns you might have. They are honest, trustworthy, and will make sure that your experience - and the impact you're able to make in the community - will be as valuable and comfortable as possible. I'd be happy to speak with anyone about my visits to Ruai, Kenya.