We are a strong, vibrant, and engaged global team committed to empowering East Africa’s youth to confidently address life’s challenges and opportunities, thrive in the global economy, and catalyze positive change. Because complex system challenges require system solutions, we deliver an ecosystem model of interconnected programs that encourage, educate, train, and apply knowledge to life challenges. Programs are managed by local staff and delivered in concert with global support and key partners in the communities where we work.

Our Main objectives involved in volunteering activities are:- childcare and development healthcare and medical sports, arts and music teaching and education building constructions and outdoor work disabilities and special needs community development specialized placements


All this started when I retired from a Tobacco company in 2004. I joined my husband who was running a tour business. He was a tour guide at that time and met a couple who wanted to visit an orphanage, he requested me to take them to one of the children home near our home. I was so touched to see the kids, I had compassion towards the kids, who were between ages 2 months to 13 years. They came from different places, some were orphans, some are HIV/Aids, some destitute, some from the street. This broke my heart, and I felt want to make a difference to these children they need help, and it was to be spontaneous, and this was a red flag that I want to impact people on the deepest level am capable of at that time.

However, I thought this was a good start looking for volunteer opportunities, my family was supportive too. I used to cook food at least something delicious for them, and donate old clothes. It was tough, but I remembered “what is the essence of life? To serve others and to do good. I felt you must have a kind heart, compassion, caring, patience and loving the kids. If our hopes of building a better and safer world are to become more than wishful thinking, we will need the engagement of volunteers more than ever. Ultimately these made me to register an organization by name Continental Passion for Africa (CPA) in the year 2012. I have been hosting volunteers since 2005, and they come different parts of the world. So am very passionate about volunteerism and my network has grown extensively, with partners like Worldwide Volunteers in Germany, Africa Equatorial Safaris, Gracepatt Tours, Salesway Safaris etc. .


Our mission is to encourage more and more people in the world to volunteer their knowledge, skills, and positive attitudes in deprived communities in support of peace and development.


Our vision is to see a world where diverse communities transcend differences by focusing on the love and light that connects us all. 

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We work with various partners in Kenya and abroad to be able to achieve our goals. 

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Mrs. Margaret Mundia(far-right in spectacles), Founder of Continental Passion for Africa, with her family and visiting volunteers.