350,000 live in an over-crowded
square mile in Nairobi, Kenya.

In this crowded community, residents struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle due to lack of access to quality healthcare, proper nutrition, and poor sanitation, leaving residents susceptible to a variety of diseases.

Gender inequality, limited access to education, unemployment, drugs, and substance abuse further impede individual and community progress.

In the largest informal settlement in Africa, residents struggle with limited access to resources and live with an increased risk of disease.

What We Do

We work with volunteers and partner organisations to
support the most vulnerable in society including
orphans, HIV patients and unemployed youth.

Volunteer Programmes

Through our various programs you can volunteer
as a teacher, serve as a medic, offer support in orphanages,
be a sports coach or help in HIV/AIDS awareness.


A combination of our volunteer programs and fun filled adventures
 gives our volunteers a memorable experience while immensely
benefiting local communities.


We support children's homes and orphanages,
elementary & primary schools, women groups, local dispensaries,
youth sports and welfare groups in their activities.